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Like no other

Peak Health & Performance is like no other strength training facility in the whole state and beyond.  Not only does Dan Wiktorek have a master’s degree but is also a level 3 PICP coach.  Equipment at his facility is the best that I have seen not only in Wisconsin, but I’ve traveled to several states while on vacation and nothing beats it.  All Atlantis and Eleiko equipment!  I first went to Dan in 2011 after earning my pro status in bodybuilding.  I wanted to take things to the next level and was referred to him by a good friend of mine.  I worked with Dan three days per week for about two years.  He not only taught me the science of training and how to achieve next level performance but helped me to understand how my training program was carved out for my sport.  With Dan’s guidance, I also became a PICP strength and conditioning coach.  He has always been my mentor and is a wealth of knowledge.  Hands-down I would recommend him if anyone was inquiring about strength and conditioning.

Karen B.

Pro Card, Women's Physique

Top results

Dan and his team are the top results based personal trainers in the state of WI, highly recommend if you are after real training and real results!

Founder and CEO Clean Health & Fitness Institute, regarded as Australia’s
top fitness industry educator and personal training organization.

Daine M.

Founder and CEO Clean Health & Fitness Institute
Peak Health and Performance

The best trainer there is

Dan is THE best trainer there is.  Period.  Honest, wants you to succeed and goes into training, nutrition, and supplements.  Fair price and one of hte top coaches in the US, right here in the Milwaukee-area.  Book now or lose out.  Then, thank me.

Grant J.

Peak Health and Performance

I Feel Great!

I have worked with Dan for over four years and continue to be impressed by his knowledge and dedication to his craft.  Prior to training with Dan, I had chronic back pain for over a decade.  Dan listened and developed a plan.  Since working with Dan, I have not had any more issues related to my back and I feel great!  Dan’s customized approach is great for athletes looking to improve performance and busy executives looking to make the most out of their workouts.  I highly recommend Peak Health & Performance.

Pat S.

Peak Health and Performance

Peak Health & Performance Delivers Results

Whether you are an athlete, executive, or business owner, Peak Health & Performance delivers results.  These are not just trainers, but premier strength coaches who incorporate academic research into all their training and nutritional coaching.  I’ve been going twice a week for almost five years and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  My strength and toning have increased dramatically.  If you are looking to partner with experienced professionals for quantifiable results, then these are the strength coaches you want to partner with.

Laura H.

Peak Health and Performance

Top Trainer in Wisconsin

Dan is undoubtedly a top trainer in Wisconsin.  Having a competitive sports background, I have worked with numerous trainers over the years and it wasn’t until working with Peak Health & Performance that I saw my FUNCTIONAL strength skyrocket.  They were consistently making seemingly small critiques that often completely change the feel of an exercise.  Dan also practices what he preaches and is always broadening his knowledge and attending classes to further his strength education.  With Dan’s guidance over the years, I will continue exercising for the rest of my life, and almost everything I have learned of the years is due to him.  I HIGHLY recommend Peak Health & Performance.


Cam W.

Revolutionized My Performance

Personally, I’ve been in swimming for over 10 years and have worked with many different trainers.  They were all good but Dan Wiktorek at Peak Health & Performance has revolutionized my performance in the water.  I saw results within months.  He also did the same for my brother and my sister who were well decorated swimmers as well.  His knowledge of sport specific strength and conditioning is incomparable to any other strength coach I’ve worked with in the Milwaukee area.  I highly recommend Peak Health & Performance for not only athletes, but anyone looking to get into better shape.

Will L.

Peak Health and Performance

Great Private Training

Even though Dan has worked with outstanding athletes and enhanced their performance, you can get a great private training regiment to simply stay in shape and feel better.  I have been going to this gym for 3 years.  I am a little older and have multiple injuries I have sustained over the years.  I need to make sure I keep my joints strong, but also have a solid plan to make sure I do no re-injure myself and Dan delivers.  Highly recommended.

Jake O.