Nutrition Coaching and Lifestyle Support

After your initial assessment and a thorough discussion of your nutrition habits, we work with you to develop an achievable, yet effective nutrition plan to complement your training. A true transformation is not complete without adequate nutritional guidance. Over the course of your training, you will receive customized nutrition plans, designed to complement your efforts in the gym. Our coaches ensure you are eating the right foods, in the right quantities at the right times. We will also recommend relevant nutritional supplements to use in conjunction with your eating plan if we believe these will benefit you and improve your success.

At Peak Health & Performance we strongly value nutrition and appreciate its integral role in your physical, mental, and emotional health. Nutrition almost always trumps the physical work you put in at the gym, however, it’s neglected and misunderstood by many. Our nutritional coaching provides you with a highly detailed and accurate nutrition plan that is customized for you, your goals, your body type, and your lifestyle. All plans are complete with recommendations on food types, macronutrient and calorie breakdowns, portion sizes, and meal timings.

Adherence to a nutritional plan is key to success and that is why throughout the process we arm you with the tools necessary to create positive nutritional habits that can be maintained long-term. This program is suitable for you if you are lost when it comes to making sound nutrition habits for yourself, you are stuck in bad eating habits, or you are working hard in the gym but are still not seeing results.