Peak Health & Performance is the leader in elite personal training and performance coaching in Wisconsin. Offering an unparalleled experience for clients from all walks of life at our boutique personal training studio in Brookfield.

The result proven training and nutrition methodologies at Peak Health & Performance were developed over 20 years by Owner and Director, Dan Wiktorek, from mentoring with the world’s most successful coaches and from personal experience coaching clients from everyday Americans to Olympians and World Champions.

​Our holistic approach to health and fitness means that we focus on every aspect of your life to achieve the results you deserve.  We put a strong emphasis on improving every aspect needed to live a healthy and happy life, from training and nutrition to recovery and stress management;  we not only meet but exceed your goals. This comes from the results in the gym, to the amount of body fat lost and muscle gained, right through to how you feel and the quality of your sleep.

The Peak Health & Performance Facility

With an industry-leading standard for our coaches, our elite facility and equipment meet the same standard. Our spacious gym floor boasts over 2,000 square feet and houses some of the best names in the fitness equipment industry including Atlantis, Watson, Prime, Exxentric, and Eleiko. We spared no expense to give our clients the best possible opportunity to maximize their efforts by offering equipment unparalleled in design and feel, including numerous pieces found in no other gym in the state.

Our Mission


To experience amazing results takes a strategic plan designed specifically for your unique situation. Along with your primary goals and objectives of training, factors such as your family and career commitments, lifestyle and home environment, and timeframes are considered. We know what it takes to achieve your desired outcomes and the time needed to do so. We will design and present the plan, including what’s expected of you; all that is left is the desire and discipline to crush your goals! We take the result process seriously as we want you to achieve the best results possible in the fastest time.


There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach when it comes to your health and fitness journey, that’s why our industry-leading coaches individualize every training and nutrition program. Prior to starting, we take each client through an extensive evaluation to learn as much about the individual as possible. We gain insight into areas such as your posture and structural imbalances, mobility/flexibility, to body composition, maximum strength, and even your personality type to determine the training approach that best fits your dominant nature.


Success breeds success! Whether you’re an elite athlete preparing for a training camp, or someone that wishes to transform their body, our facilities, equipment, and coaching team empower clients at every stage of their training through success. We aim to keep you moving forward with progress no matter the amount! Constant successes, both big and small, feed into your determination to keep disciplined and stay the course.


Our dedicated team of coaches provide ongoing support, education, and accountability so your training goals can be achieved in the shortest time possible and maintained over the long term. We want to arm you with the education and results to live your best life and experience the absolute best version of you. With countless hours of continuing education, including traveling the world to mentor under the top result-producing coaches around, we constantly try to level-up our skillset and be on top of the best training information and pass that onto each client.


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Coaches & Staff

If you are looking to get the best results possible you need to work with the best. At Peak Health & Performance we offer just that, through our tailored personal training, nutrition and education programs. As pioneers in the health and fitness industry in Wisconsin and greater United States, Owner Dan and his team know exactly how to achieve sustainable results for clients from all walks of life.