Sport-Specific Athletic Training

Athletes that train at Peak Health & Performance receive effective programming that incorporates expertise in workout design, nutrition, injury prevention and recovery to create a strong, well-conditioned athlete. Programs are designed specifically for each athlete, focusing on individual needs and requirements to prepare them to excel at their sport.  

Speed, power, strength, and acceleration win games. Athletes that can sprint faster, throw farther, and can out-power their opponents have the best shot at making the team or winning a title. The athlete-specific strength & conditioning program designed by the coaches at Peak HP are specifically designed to dramatically improve every aspect of your game by increasing the strength elements vital to excel at your sport.

Each athlete is given an advanced assessment, superior program design, and one-on-one training with a high-level strength coach, along with the feedback and expertise that comes with decades of training and coaching experience. By training at Peak Health & Performance, athletes will:

  • Increase strength
  • Develop explosive power and higher top end speed
  • Improve linear, lateral, and first-step quickness
  • Gain lean muscle and achieve optimal body composition for their sport.
  • Improve Structural Balance
  • Recover faster between shifts and plays during the game.

The Athletic Performance Program is a result-proven program, developed by the industry-leading coaches at Peak Health & Performance, who have worked with elite Olympic and World champion athletes. Training and programming are conducted in-person at our Brookfield facility as private or semi-private (team) options.